Why buy a silencer?

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a silencer…

The reasons to buy a silencer are as varied as the gun owners that own them. The obvious answer is that reducing the noise from your firearm makes for a much more enjoyable shooting experience. Anyone who has spent a few hours putting a couple hundred rounds through a .308 or an AR15 can attest to the fact that most of us get worn out before our enthusiasm subsides.
It’s just much more comfortable to shoot suppressed than not. And let’s face it, having silencers is downright cool in just about any situation. Think about it, do you ever see a nerd or wimp whip out his suppressed firearm and take out the bad guy? And if they did have one, would they still be considered a nerd or wimp? You get the point.

When it comes to teaching a new shooter, particularly a child to shoot, silencers can be among the best tools to make the experience more enjoyable. Reduced noise, reduced recoil and muzzle flip all contribute to increase the comfort and reduce the intimidation factor for the new gun enthusiast.

As for .22 silencers, well that’s a whole new level of shooting fun. Check out this video of Hickok45 shooting a Ruger 22/45 with and without a silencer.

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Of course aside from saving the world or conducting covert operations, there are some more practical and compelling reasons to own a silencer.

In hunting applications, not only is it considerate to other hunters as well as any neighbors that are in the area, it the reduced noise can provide less reason for game to be so skittish. In a hog hunting scenario you might even get an extra shot or two off before the herd scatters.

For Tactical applications the benefits of silencers are many and the fact that virtually all tactical teams use them, or wish they did, speaks for itself.

From a signature reduction stand-point, this video will speak for itself.

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